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Sapien number


Sapien number


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Q: What actually is my sapien number?

A: Imagine sapiens were numbered at birth based on the order in which they came into existence. The first homo sapien would be number 1. The second, number 2. You're number 100+ billion.

Q: How accurate is my sapien number?

A: As accurate as it can be. Data is from the United Nations World Population Prospects: The 2022 Revision and the 2022 World Population Data Sheet from Washington DC Population Reference Bureau 2022. As visualised in a table on the Population Reference Bureau website. Though bear in mind dear sapien number 0, that this isn't science, it's fun. Quite accurate fun.

Q: Why should I become a VIS?

A: Who doesn't want to be a Very Important Sapien? Join the list, and you will be first to know when Sapien-X stuff is available, AND you'll get a 10% discount.

Q: When will Sapien-X tees and stuff go on sale?

A: Roughly the end of April. VIS's will know before anyone else.

Q: How much will Sapien-X stuff be?

A: Not sure yet, we're figuring out costs. As soon as we know we'll let the Very Important Sapiens know. And give them a 10% discount. So you should join the VIS list.

Q: Will Sapien-X stuff be available in my country?

A: Depends how many VIS's sign up in your area.

Q: Even though I'm sapien number am I still special?

A: Yeah you are 👊. There has been billions of humans but we're incredibly rare in the universe. In fact if you shared all the planets in the observable universe by the number of homo sapiens that ever existed (on earth), we'd have nearly 6 billion planets. Each 🤯.


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